About the Company
Ludus Theatrical Company was created in 1994 by its Artistic Director, Marcel Dumont, to play with clowning, pantomime, mask, and improvisation. It was active as a troupe until 2002, and produced two plays: The Lost Wallet, about the continuos game two clowns play to distract themselves, with Fernanda Marques and Margarida de Souza, and Requiem for a Clown, about the life of a clown who lost his heart and nose for the love of a woman who betrays him, with Camila Falck, Susan Kaessinger, Karin Karlander, and Fernanda Marques; music by E. James Smith.

Marcel Dumont studied movement, improvisation, and elements of clowning with Maria Helena Lopes, a disciple of Jacques LeCoq, while studying Theatre Directing at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, where he worked as an actor. Mr. Dumont is also a producer of film, video, and interactive media.

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