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The Lost Wallet  |  Requiem for a Clown

The Lost Wallet (Synopsis)
Zatta and Sheecah From left, Zatta and Sheecah are two hobos who live in a park. The play starts in the morning, when they unwillingly wake up and go through the motions of washing, exercising, begging, encountering the police, interacting with park-goers, and having breakfast.

After breakfast, they play a few games to entertain themselves but soon get bored. Zatta drags herself to clean up the breakfast table, while Sheecah starts organizing her belongings. Sheecah throws a wallet towards the proscenium as if discarding unwanted belongings. Upon hearing the thump of the falling wallet, Zatta rushes to the wallet, and steps on it, hoping to find money in it. They are starting their game of The Lost Wallet.

Zatta looks for money in the wallet but finds none. Disappointed, she grumbles. To console her, Sheecah walks to where she is, and pulls from the wallet the identification card of Zaratrosto Mitala, the wallet's presumed owner. She persuades Zatta to search for the wallet's owner for he may reward them for their finding.

In their search for Mr. Mitala they take a bus, stop by a church, the Information Department, and end up at an art gallery. There they learn that Mr. Mitala died when he stepped on a banana peel. Exhausted, they return to the park. Zatta is about to retire when Sheecah complains to her that now is Zatta's turn to throw the wallet, so she can find it. Reluctantly Zatta acquiesces. Sheecah pretends to sunbathe. Zatta throws the wallet. Lights off.

* Morning Glory
* Humdrum
* It's Your Turn, Sheecah!
* Prêt-à-Porter
* Workaday
* Zeezee Lost Her Baloon
* The Breakfast
* The Lost Wallet
* Mr. Zaratrosto Mitala
* The Bus
* The Church
* The Information Department
* The Art Gallery
* Mitala Is Dead
* Long Live Mitala

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